A little Bike Riding

This is what Theresa and I rideThis is my Goldwing Motorcycle. Monday I went to work and my supervisor was going down the list of names to offer non scheduled time off. When my name come up, I was gone. Shortly after 7:00am I was on this bike and headed across Hwy 70 towards Greenville. Having completely forgotten that it was Monday and that almost all motorcycle shops are closed on Sunday and Monday, I was on my way to have the oil changed. I told Theresa I wanted to get there early so that I would be the first in. Guess what? I was there exactly 25 hours before they opened. See the shop was closed on Monday and would open on Tuesday at 9:00am. Oh well, it was a good day for a ride especially in the early morning hours. Later in the day it got pretty warm here since we are having August in June.

The ride also offered me a good opportunity to clear my head a little. Most folks think that I should hang on to whatever is in my head cause they say it is mostly empty, but it does do me good to clean it out sometimes. I also get a chance to do a lot of praying when I ride. Not cause my riding is bad, it’s just a good time to “be alone” with the Lord. No radio, no phone, I was by myself on the bike so I couldn’t talk to anyone. Just Jesus. As I was riding, I got to thinking about my relationship with Jesus.

In John chapter 10 verse 10, Jesus said that the thief would come in the night to steal, to kill and to destroy. Then Jesus said “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I got to thinking about that. He came so I might have life and also have it more abundantly. For the first part it was pretty easy. Before I became a Christian, I did not know Jesus and according to scripture I was dead. Now I wasn’t physically dead, but I was spiritually dead. So, when I became a believer, God gave me eternal life through His Son Jesus. (1 John 5:11)

Now, what about the abundant life part. Remember I am riding down the road on my Goldwing. That’s pretty good, I have a motorcycle. Also, got a house, a truck, a car, cameras, and other stuff. Got a few close friends, got a few that would just as soon not see me. All in all, doing pretty good. Until I remembered that all my things would soon fall victim to either old age or maybe lost or stolen. You know how it is. Nothing ever lasts forever. Every car I have had the pleasure of driving has eventually worn out. And to make it worse, I got to thinking about how your friends will sometimes let you down. They don’t mean to. It just sort of happens. Now my abundant life didn’t seem too abundant.

If you have ever ridden on the Interstate then you know that there are unseen “rivers” of air swirling around caused be all the big trucks and trailers on the road. On a motorcycle, this air will pretty much beat you to death if you are too close to the trucks. The way to avoid it is to back off or, this is what I like to do, pass them and get into some clean air. Be the first to spilt the air and let the trucks deal with my “air waves.” I don’t think they notice mine as much as I notice theirs though. When you do that, you can experience a motorcycle ride like God intended for you to experience. On the open road and smooth as silk. As I was doing this it was almost like God spoke to me.  That’s how the abundant life Jesus was talking about works. As we go through life, we get pretty much beat up. Just like the wind does on the road. BUT, when I step out and trust Him totally, He puts me in the fresh wind. The problems are still there, just like the trucks that I pass, but He guides me through the problems and gives me strength to live. When I step out and place all my trust in Him in all matters, then I get to experience God the way that he meant for me to experience Him. In front of my problems, nothing in the way between me and Him, and feeling the power of God working in my life. Now that’s an abundant life.

Ride safe, pray hard and worship long. Jesus is worthy of all we do. See ya later.

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