Ok, I admit it. This week is the sixth  (6th)  week I have been off work and I am farther behind in posting  here than I thought I would be even if I was working. With more time on my hands than I have had in 35 years, you  would have thought I would have done better. What’s going to be interesting is if I go back to work next week and start posting on a regular schedule again.  And  just in case you are wondering, no I don’t post anything here from work. I can’t even get on line while at work so that would be impossible. Maybe in the future someone will figure out how to link our thoughts to the world wide web and we won’t need computers to post, just think about what we would like to say and it would appear. I suppose if they do that though we would also see the development of thought police and I still would not be able to post from work. All I would be allowed to think about would be work. (Don’t know where that came from, it just rolled out.)

Anyway, things have been going pretty good lately even though times have been hectic and some things were bad. I lost a good friend and Sunday School teacher a couple of weeks ago when Dick Lowe passed on over to heaven.  Funny how we say that we lost someone when they aren’t really lost, we know they are in heaven, we just can’t see them. I guess that makes them lost to us. That seems silly when you think about it but we do it anyway. Dick loved the Lord  Jesus Christ and  looked for any opportunity to share the gospel. When he got sick a few weeks ago and they were taking him to Vanderbilt, he made the statement that God was sending him to Nashville to share the gospel with someone.  Most people would be looking for the reason they were sick but Dick was looking for the person that God would touch through his sickness. It would do us all good if we could grow in our knowledge of God’s work and our faith in God to be able to react to our problems like that. At least Dick raised the bar a little higher for me to shoot for. I don’t know if I can make it to that level but with God’s grace I would like to think that if I am put into a posititon like Dick was, I could react like Dick did.  Thinking about others and how he could lead them to Christ while totally trusting God to take care of himself.  Do ya reckon that is what it means to be “like Jesus”?

Have a great day and  know that Jesus died for you. You may not have wanted Him to, but He did it just the same.  Your way to heaven has been established and it begins and ends with Jesus. The scripture tells us that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.  Do you trust Him and know Him?  See ya later.