Election Thoughts

If you haven’t heard by now, the election is finally over. For over two long years, we have heard from just about anyone and everyone telling us how we should vote in this years elections.  For one, I am glad that all this is over with. No matter which party or candidate that you like, this seems to me to do nothing but divide our country. Sadly,that is to be expected but to drag it out for two years is, in my humble opinion, way too long.  Two things I will never see but would like to see are Congressional term limits (2 suggested) and laws limiting the time that ELECTED officials can spend running for other offices. This way we would not have to endure a two year or better campaign. At the same time, it would be refreshing to see them do the job they were elected to do and then, after they step down,  run for another office. I can only relate to what would happen if I had spent the last two years trying to get my next job instead of doing my present job. Wouldn’t have lasted two weeks let alone two years.

No matter who you supported in this election, we need to pray for those who have been given the job and trust of the American people. While I have lots of problems with most politicians, they are still a part of my life and they have tons more influence than I would like them to have. But the scriptures tell me that God is in control and I believe that. Please don’t think that I believe that God endorses certain candidates. I do however believe that God uses all of us to accomplish His purpose.  And that includes those given authority over us. So my prayers are for God’s will to be done and for His kingdom to grow in spite of what we would have.

Hope ya have a wonderful day and can experience the peace and joy of knowing that Jesus is coming again.