Just doing some thinking….

Here is a completely new post. Something I haven’t done for a while. I don’t know for sure if I have been too busy or just too lazy, but whatever it is, I need to do better.

Not much has been going on lately. So far this year I have only missed one week of work and that was the first week in January. Since then we have worked 40 hours except for one week when we only got in 32 hours. The good side to all this is that I have had time to slow down a little and take a good look at where I am in this journey called life. For the most part I am satisfied with things and I do realize that I have been very blessed to live where I do and have what I have. My family is doing pretty good and we are making ends meet with a few days left at the end of the month.

When I was younger, I always used to question and find amusing the comments made when someone would remember the “good old days”. It would seem to me that with all the new inventions we had, there was no way that life could have been better way back then. But now I find myself longing for the “good old days” again. The days I am talking about don’t involve inventions, but rather intentions. I am really missing the times when someone would tell you something and you could, as the old saying goes, “take it to the bank” because it was worth something and you could count on it being reliable. Now it seems as if there are less and less people who understand what it means to stand by their word. And what about just doing the right thing simply because it’s the “right thing to do.” It seems like most people today do whatever will benefit them the most and sometimes, right or wrong don’t matter. It seems like most folks these days are asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” and never thinking about anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few people who you can trust, people who will help when needed and not seek attention, but it does seem that they are a dying breed. Maybe we just don’t hear about them as much as we do all the bad things that are going on. I don’t know if that is the case or not. To be sure, we had some of the most unreliable, rapscallion type people around as I was growing up. But they were the unusual ones, the exception to the rules folks. The normal people were the ones you could count on, the ones who were honest in their business dealings as well as their home life. Now days, it seems like the unusual ones are what used to be normal. How did we crossover like this and move the average down? I’m not one to point fingers but have you ever noticed that most television programs get their laughs from people who cheat, lie, steal or miss-use drugs and or alcohol along with friendly, unmarried sex? And if it’s not a comedy, the show is full of sex and violence. Sometimes I wonder if that is the reason. Have we just became accustomed to so much wrong stuff that is it slowly becoming normal to us?

I guess I am just missing the days of the Lone Ranger, Leave it to Beaver, and the Andy Griffith Show. (Still watch Andy a lot though) More likely, I am missing a time in my own life when I did’nt have to worry about my job, taxes, health, retirement, mortage and all the other adult things. I want to go back to when I could put on the warm fuzzy pj’s and lay in the floor and watch Red Skelton. If I do get down in the floor now, my neck hurts trying to look up at the television, my back hurts and it’s a lot harder to get up from the floor. Not only that, but I look really weird in the fuzzy pj’s with the feet in them. 🙂

As for inventions, I have most of the latest electronic things as do most folks and I love using them. They help me organize my days, weeks and months. I can keep track of my friends and call them from almost anywhere I go using my trusty cell phone. You would think that with all these things helping us to live better, we would have more time for each other. But it seems that the opposite is happening. The more time we have, the less time we spend being friendly. When was the last time you set on a front or back porch and just talked with a neighbor? Or you took time to spend time with someone hurting and not just drop by to make an appearance? Maybe all the free time we have is what has changed us. Seems like I do remember the old preachers saying that “Idle hands are the devils workshop.” AND we do use our hands to turn on the TV. Just something to think about. See ya later.