Breakfast an Umbrellas

This is getting scary. I’m back posting again and it’s not been a couple of months since my last post. Maybe I am going to do better for a while. We will just have to wait and see.

This morning I went to breakfast at a local restaurant (Cherokee) with my wife Theresa before she left for her day at school. When we started to leave I looked at the check and it was a little over 14 dollars. I suddenly realized that we had just spent our entire stimulus package for the week. ($13.00 more per pay check) Then I got to thinking about other ways to spend this windfall. If we saved it instead of spending it, in only two weeks I could have a tank of gas for the car, providing the tank is not empty when I go to fill it. Or I could have a new pair of jeans, if they are on sale. If I saved my stimulus for a whole month, Theresa and I could maybe do dinner and a movie, (rental and watch it at home). If I saved $13.00 a week for 16 weeks, I could pay the electric bill for last month. Of course getting the electric company to wait until I have the stimulus money is going to be tricky. I know that I am not supposed to save this because the intent of the people in Washington is for us to spend this and get the economy moving again. And if you notice we spent it all on breakfast this morning. What I have trouble with is pretty simple.  I am joking around with $13.00 and when I read the paper or watch the news, all they talk about is millions, billions, and trillions. I have trouble wrapping my mind around such a high number as those and trying to understand that kind of money. I wonder if our leaders in Washington have lost the ability to wrap their minds around such a small amount as $13.00 dollars and the small impact it will have on our economy. To be sure it will have an impact but in the case of self employed people like my wife who don’t have payroll deductions, but instead send in quarterly payments, things haven’t changed. And in the long run, at the end of the year we will owe just as much in taxes, but will have less money paid in through my payroll deductions. This means that I have to save more money to help pay the taxes, which kind of defeats the purpose of letting me keep more of my money weekly. Maybe I missed something here, but it seems that simply lowering my taxes would have done more. Now that I have a headache from thinking about taxes, (just kidding my head is thicker than that) I am not sure if all the government loans and bailout money is the way to go. If it helps keep the companies in business and people working, I guess that is a good thing. So far it looks like it is only helping a few at the top, but only time will tell. I just hope that we like the story that time has to tell about all this in the future.

We had a little excitement in this neck of the woods a few days ago. Someone reported a person walking near the Rogersville City School carrying a gun. The police came, the school was on lock-down, security tapes were viewed, an investigation was started and the supiscious person was located. He was carrying an umbrella. Now that we know it wasn’t a gun, this sounds funny. But at the time, folks were a little excited. I have made my fair share of jokes about this incident, such as wondering what caliber of umbrella it was, and if it was fully automatic. But the sad part of all this is that this is just another reminder of the times that we live in now. I can remember a time when we didn’t lock our doors at night and if you seen someone carrying a gun, they were either going to trade it or going hunting. It makes me sad to think that those days are forever gone. But it makes me look forward to the future when Christ returns. One of my favorite preachers, Dr. Adrian Rogers used to say that it’s not what this world has come to, but it’s WHO is coming TO this world. When these times get dark, we need to look up, for our redemption draws near. I thank God that we have a promise that this world is not all that we have to look forward to. Jesus has promised us that He has gone to prepare us a place so that where HE is, we will be also. Moral of this story? Don’t look around, look up! Don’t look backward, look forward! May God bless each who reads this.