Another Day, Another Dollar

Just dropping by to make a short post. Not much going on for me lately. Still trying to decide if I want to try the “retirement” thing out. I can’t and don’t want to quit working but, the way my retirement plan is now structured, this is beginning to look like it may be the smartest, but certainly not the easiest thing to do. Still have a little  time to decide though.

Lots of talk in the news about health care reform and all the changes that they say we need. I agree that something needs to be done but I am troubled by some of the language that I hear. Especially about deciding who gets coverage and when they can get it. I am against my tax money being used to fund abortions and in the future it may even be used to fund suicide. This is very troubling to me. I know that saving money is important but to save money at the expense of lives is not the way to go. Most of the politicians will say “Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered” but somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better. Most of them have either forgotten or never knew the problems that the average person faces, so how could they possibly have them covered.

All that leads us to this. Only one place to put your trust and that is in the Lord Jesus Christ. As long as we are alive, we will continue to grow older and more feeble and eventually die. After I die, then Jesus will tell me “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered” and I will have the best deal of my life. All of the best will be furnished at no cost. No cost too us anyway, but Jesus paid a huge price for this. See ya later.

Rev Big Boy