Rainy Wednesdays

I don’t have to work today. At this stage of my life that is a good thing. Having worked where I do for the last 36.5 years, I am almost ready for a change. Problem is that I am not sure what to change into. 🙂

Last month we went camping and took Jasmine and Alexus along for the ride. They had blast and it was fun for Theresa and myself. Here they are blowing some bubbles and just generally having a good summer day.

Camping July 2009

I remember those summer days and watching them made me think back to when I was about their age. (Many years ago) They had fun with nothing more than soapy water and a bicycle. It made me wonder just when did life get so complicated. I love riding motorcycles today and we ride whenever we get time. But when I was about this age, we would use a clothes pin and a piece of cardboard to make our bikes sound like a motorcycle. Just tear the cardboard into a square and then clip the clothes pin over the cardboard and the frame of the bike so that the spokes would flip the cardboard and make a motor sound. At least with some imagination that’s what it sounded like. The faster you rode the bike the louder it would sound off. Until the cardboard got so tattered that it no longer made noise. The motorcycle sound and thrill of riding would slowly fade away. Not to worry though, a complete engine overhaul only involved another piece of cardboard and about two minutes. Then you were back on the road tearing down the highway. Life was so simple then. Funny how we think that being grown up is better.