Go VOLS, beat the other team!

Well, it’s official. Yesterday was my birthday and now I meet or exceed all the requirements for early retirement. Except of course, MONEY! 🙂 I have realized that no matter how much savings you have, it will never be enough.

A friend of mine has started a new business adventure. His name is David Richards and we call him “Big Time” as most everybody around here has nicknames. If not, just wait a few minutes and someone will tag them with a new name. Memories in the WindAnyway, Big Time has got a side car frame that has been outfitted with the same hardware that you find in the back of a hearse for the caskets. He can set a casket on this frame and then the unfortunate person in the casket can get a true last ride to the cemetery. Unlike the ones that pull a hearse trailer behind the motorcycle, this one puts the casket out in the wind, just like a motorcycle rider is used to.  He plans to offer this service through area funeral homes when the need arises. We certainly hope no one in the near future needs this but I am just trying to help Big Time get the word out about his new service. You can view some more photos of Big Time’s rig here and also find his contact information.

I have a wedding to shoot today at 5:00. Tennessee plays that other team today at 3:30. Guess I will miss the game but that is not entirely bad. My heart says GO VOLS and I really think they can win. My head says be careful Vols and I ain’t to sure about winning. I will still be a true, died in the orange, Tennessee Vol fan no matter what. Right now I have to get my camera and everything else ready for this wedding. So I guess this is all for now.

Have a great day in the Lord Jesus Christ and look up, for our redemption is getting closer. He is coming back…..SOON!