It’s now October 2009 and I am officially retired, or un-employed, I haven’t figured out the difference yet. Anyway, it feels weird but good, scary but exciting. You get the idea, two sides to this and every coin.

While I was doing some of my new honey do jobs, I mean new duties, the particular task for the day was grocery shopping. Having my list in hand I took the challenge. I was not prepared for all the obstacles though. First, why do they have to spread out all the things all across the store? Why can’t they be grouped together in a more user friendly way. For instance why isn’t the pet food in the grocery section? That’s where all the other food is located. Why discriminate against the pets. Or rather the pet owners, making them walk all the way to the other side of the store. And why can’t all the foods be arranged by meals. They could have a breakfast section, lunch section, dinner section, or around here supper section. This would make it easier to find what you want. If you need breakfast food, just go the breakfast section. Supper would be found in the supper aisle. This would be so much better. After all, the tater chips are all on one aisle, if you don’t count all the other displays that are posted in various places around the grocery section.  And if all the wandering around don’t get to you, then you get to move to the checkout line.

It should be against the law to use your cell phone while simultaneously placing your groceries on the food belt at checkout. And worse is to be chatting about nothing while trying to use your check card. To be fair, if you can multi-task this may not be a problem, but most of the time I seem to get behind the single taskers. The ones who can talk but everything, and everyone else, has to be suspended in time and space while they chatter. This same problem is seen at red lights. People get so caught up in their conversation that they don’t even notice the light has changed. Just sitting there in their car talking up a storm, even using hand gestures and completely forgetting where they are.

And how about this. What if the grocery stores had a policy that if you had to wait more than five minutes in the check out line, your groceries would be free? All the carts could have bar codes on them that a scanner could read as you roll your buggy into line. This would record the time and start a timer. Five minutes later, if you are still standing there, your groceries would be free! That would be cool and I bet they would have more cashiers handy. There must have been a huge sale on cash registers for them to have 20 checkout lanes and only three cashiers. Every store I go into seems to have this same problem. Lots of places for customers to line up but not very many cashiers. 

All in all though, the shopping trip went really well and I even learned a few things. The only other thing that didn’t make sense in all this is that after suffering through the shopping, the very next thing my wife and I did…………….go out to eat. This kind of made all the shopping stuff useless. But Theresa said that we needed all that stuff. 🙂

Have a good day and know that Jesus loves you. He proved His indescribable love when He died on the cross. See ya later.