December 1

Well it’s official. December is here and the Christmas season is coming down the road. Only 24 more days till Christmas. Makes you wonder where the time has gone. I can’t help but think about all the people running around and making their preparations for this big day. Parties are planned, gifts bought and even folks who don’t seem to be able to get along can stop for this one day and not fight or quarrel. It’s kind of mind boggling when you think about it. Especially for me. This day is a day to give gifts, spend time with friends and family and all the other things we do, but it is also time for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. I’ll give you that we can’t say for sure that Jesus was born on the 25th of December or even any day in December for that matter. But, it is still the one day set aside that celebrates the birth of Christ. I don’t think Jesus minds if we have the wrong day. After all, it was over 2000 years ago when Jesus was born. And we do tend to rewrite, re-remember and distort the facts over time. So when you think about that, it’s almost certain that we have the wrong day. I also know that not everyone celebrates this day for the same reason. I do think though that for most people, whether they are religious or not, they connect Christmas day with the birth of Jesus. Some don’t but that is to be expected.

I wonder sometimes though how much different this world would be if the same number of people making plans for Christmas were making preparations for Christ’s return. It would make a difference if just the one’s who attend church and worship Jesus on a regular basis would live and act like they expect His return daily. We would find ourselves focused on reaching the lost, helping the poor, sharing the love and less on how we decorate or the gifts we exchange. Just think about it. If you knew for sure that Jesus would return tomorrow or even today, how much different would you have planned your day? Less time would be spent worrying about paying the bills from Christmas shopping, global warming, what to wear, who to see, and etc…. I am not talking about the idea that the world would end on his return and that it is all over. What if we looked forward to His return with anticipation? Excitement? How about the radical idea that we watched the heavens looking for Jesus and we worked to get things ready for Him simply because it would please Him? Doing the work that He started until He returns for His glory. Like I said, I don’t think Jesus would mind if we celebrate the wrong day, I do think He is very concerned that we do things for the wrong reason. The best advice I have is to surrender your life to Jesus and don’t allow anything else to be number one. Then live and work and look for His return.

Merry Christmas and look up, for our redemption is near.