Rogersville Old Mill

Old Mill Rogersville, TN

This is a shot of the old mill in Rogersville that I took during some of the snow that we have had this year. Most of the snow fell the night before but I was blessed with some good snow flakes falling while I was taking this photo. This is one of those scenes that makes me really love photography.  It’s like when you play golf and you are just about ready to give up when all of a sudden, you hit a perfect golf shot. It doesn’t matter if you hit it by mistake or if any one else saw the shot, what matters is that you hit it. So instead of quitting you keep playing.

My photography is sort of like that. I want every photo I take to be world class and to touch all who see it or at the very least, bring a smile to their face. Truth is though, not every photo can do that.  But then, I score one like this. It may not impress anyone else, but I really like it. This is one that speaks to me and one that I can look at and say “I took that photo”.

You don’t have to love it, but I do hope that you like it.  See ya later.