Clinch Mt. Wholesale Woodcrafts

DSC_1386The last few days I have been working on a project for a local business that makes hand made furniture. Their latest addition to their line is a hand made casket. They called and wanted to take some photos of the casket to use in a possible brochure or postcard that they would then use to help promote this new product. I especially liked this photo that shows the guys as they are putting the finishing touches on the casket. When we started they wanted to show the casket as it was being made as well as a finished product.

While I haven’t really considered this type of photography before, I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. I am glad to have had this opportunity  and the challenge to take and edit a photograph with a different subject and purpose. It’s good to stretch beyond what you are always used to doing and reaching out for new levels of your craft.  Clinch Mt. Woodcrafts is doing that with their caskets and I thank them for the chance to do likewise with my photography. This has been different from the type of photos that I usually shoot but at the same time it has been fun. I learned a little about doing these types of shots and hope to be able to do some more work like this.