Making The Colors Pop

I’ve been experimenting with Topaz adjust.  If you are into photography, you might know that I’m talking about software that plugs into Photoshop. More specifically, this is a filter that installs in Photoshop that can be used like all the other filters that come in Photoshop.

There are several preset adjustments that you can apply but you also can adjust each preset to your liking, or just strike out on your own and go for that custom look. While I like this on some photos, I don’t like it on others. But I am finding it to come in handy at times.

Before Topaz

Like this photo above of Big Time’s motorcycle hearse. I took some photos for him when he first got everything set up and some have been used for web photos and others for advertising. Now, this is a good shot and it’s intent was to show that the coffin was not on a trailer, but was on a side car frame mounted on the bike. This by the way was not one of the ones that we chose to use partly because while it did fit the bill for intent, it is sort of a bland image with a dark background. Check out the image below.

After Topaz

This is the same image after using Topaz Adjust. I like the way it allows the background to come into play because this gives the image more depth. The coffin was helped some by making the side more visible helping to emphasize the subject. This is a better image just by bringing out the background and adding some depth. You have to be careful not to go too far with these adjustments or you can get an almost cartoon type look. Some people like that look and it can certainly be useful at times depending on how the image is going to be used. But sometimes it can almost make the image look too much like a painting and not something that is real. This one is right at the edge for me. I can see this image being used for ads, postcards, and etc…, which is a good thing. I may even print one for the wall, but Theresa might have something to say about that.

Have a great day, know that Jesus loves you enough to die for you. See ya later.

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