Big Creek

I went out this morning and got a few shots along Big Creek.  Just across the road   was the new Amis Mill Restaurant which wasn’t open yet for the day. This is an area that is  popular with people wanting to spend a lazy afternoon fishing. If you look in the trees along the bank, every now and then you will spot a few feet of fishing line and a float or two. (I didn’t get a photo of any fishing line in the trees, but it’s there.)


Just a couple of miles around the bend, my grandfather used to have a farm and Big Creek ran along side the barn and house. When I was much younger  we would visit and the first place we kids would go was down to the creek. At most places you could wade across and every now and then with a little luck, you might even catch a fish. Most of the time though, we just got wet and had fun.

I have a few more images here if you want to view them.  Have a great day and know that Jesus loves you!