Heritage Days

It’s now official. Heritage Days 2010 is over and as they say in football, this one’s in the books.  Friday evening again proved to be the best part because  there were more local people there and even though it was crowded on Depot Street at the food section, everyone was just sort of chilling and not hurried.  Walking through town was the same as attending a reunion. Every few steps there would be someone you hadn’t seen for while and there was time to talk and go over old times.  At one point, Theresa asked me if I knew everybody in town. We laughed and then I had to stop and talk to someone else.  It was fun visiting with everybody and the atmosphere downtown was just right.  One thing the HD committee could do next year to make it slightly better would be to light the stage next to Hale Springs Inn. The band did a great job playing, but you couldn’t see them after it got dark.

Saturday things get busier.  When we were there , it didn’t seem to be as crowded as Friday night but the attitude of the event changes.  Lots of things going on at different spots around downtown and people seem to go from one show to another. There are lots of great music, dancing, tractors, kids events, food, and shopping on main street.  You could buy lots of homemade items and even those wonderful fried apple pies, that my daughter ate before I could eat mine.

Can’t say much about Sunday since we didn’t go. Sunday is pretty much scheduled for us with Sunday School and Worship and then, when time allows, NFL football.  GO REDSKINS!

I have an album on my web site with photos of our visit to this years Heritage Days.  Here’s the link if you want to view them.

Thanks and have  a blessed day.