Monday’s Here

It’s sometimes hard to get excited, but Monday’s here and that signals the start of a new day and week. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s not here yet, but we have today.

Sunday School was good yesterday. It was one of those lessons that makes you feel like you are trying to put 6 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket. So much information and all of it worthy of much time and attention to detail. Those always make me feel as though I did not do a good job teaching. Trying to describe someone as awesome as Jesus is always a privilege and a challenge. Just try to imaging the best, most perfect person, thing, scene, photo etc…. that you can think of and then realize that Jesus is way above and beyond that. Now you get an idea of what I am talking about.

Last night we got to do something a little different with the video at church. We shot the service in 16:9 format. W I D E S C R E E N ! ! ! ! That probably doesn’t do much for most of you, but for the photography and tech people, you understand my excitement. We usually shoot in 4:3 format because that is what all of the televisions were made for. Now they can display 4:3 and the wide-screen 16:9. It gave us a little different look and in some cases made things look more normal. Everybody at church wants to start shooting in 16:9 but it will depend on whether we can rebroadcast it and be okay in that format.  I for one hope we can do that and some day move to High Definition. That would be cool!

I also got home last night and was able to watch a little football. The Washington Redskins and Indianapolis  Colts were the Sunday night game this week. Being a UT Volunteer  fan, I always love to see Peyton Manning have a great game. Being a Redskin fan, I always love to see them win. So, last night I was torn between seeing Peyton do good and the Redskins winning. I guess I was stretching things a bit to want both, but it would have been nice.

Have a great day and know that God love ya!