Today is the day.

theresa_19Today is the day that Theresa and I celebrate 19 years of marriage. On one hand it is very unreal that we have been together for so long. On the other hand it seems as if we just met.  I guess that is why being in love is so good. Each day is fresh and exciting, even the ones that aren’t going the way you expected. It’s on those days that our love has grown deeper and we have grown closer.

I still can’t believe that she married me and after 19 years of getting to know me, it’s amazing that she still can smile. At first, I would do something and she would really wonder what she had gotten herself into. Like the time that I was getting the Harley painted UT (go VOLS) orange and white. I got the call really early one morning that they were finished painting the tanks and fenders. So I run out to the body shop and picked them up, come home, took a gas tank upstairs to show to Theresa. She was still asleep and not quite as excited as I was about the gas tank. And she was wondering why she had a gas tank in the bed with her. I think that one made her wonder about her decision to marry me.

But here it is 19 years later and all I can say is that I am still amazed that she chose to love me. Thank you Theresa for 19 wonderful years and hopefully we will have many more.  And just for the record, I have always known that Thanksgiving is on a different day each year.   Love ya later.