Simpler Times

Did you ever have one of those days that made you wish you could go back to a simple, easier time in your life? I had one yesterday. Seems like every thing I tried to do didn’t work out. Eventually it did, but it gave me problems for a while.

First, I spent about three hours on the phone trying to do a simple upgrade of the credit/debit machine in my wife’s beauty shop. No problem they said, takes 30 minutes to download and then you are good to go. That was at 7:00 am yesterday. Finally at 8:00 pm, the machine was updated and we were good to go. Obviously I didn’t stay on the phone all day, but I did put in some serious phone time before getting this resolved. The final call was for a little over 20 minutes and it worked like a charm. Maybe that was the one I should have made first. Smile

After I got frustrated with that problem, I went on to other things. It didn’t seem to matter what I was doing, I seemed to be just a click shy of hitting the mark. Like when I was working on my photo web site. Moving from page to page, then all of a sudden, things would lock up. Refresh and things would take off again. Then I would hit the virtual wall that seemed to be all around me, refresh and things would go again. It was one of those days that every now and then things just seemed to get stubborn and not want to work. A little coaxing and they would work.

Of course, I blamed most of this on computers. You know how they are. When they work, they’re great. When they give problems, they are the worst things to ever be invented. That’s what made me try to remember simpler times. Go back to the days when we didn’t have all these electronic devices to get in the way of our day. Then it dawned on me that I would have to get up to change the TV channel. Or worse, I would have to do our checkbook with a pencil on something called a ledger. Some would use an ink pen, but I had to use pencils. That way I could erase. On the subject of writing, even this note would have been hand written and mailed to all of you personally since there was no place to post it that everybody could come by and read it. Reading it is another matter, especially if I wrote it by hand. My wife says I should have been a doctor because I have the penmanship for the job.

Anyway, you get the idea. As aggravating as all this stuff is, life is better now. But when we are going through problems, it seems worse. It’s then that we look back and use selective memory. We tend to remember all the things that make us feel fuzzy and warm inside but forget that those same things had an uncomfortable side to them also. Next thought was that’s exactly the way we think about God. We want all the good things that come from a personal relationship with Jesus, but we shy away from the uncomfortable things. Like when we feel that we should witness to someone. There are a few people that are comfortable about sharing their experiences with Jesus but most people withdraw and use the excuse that they don’t know enough about the Bible to witness.

I leave you with this thought and question. If you are born again (John 3:6-8) then you are born spiritually into the kingdom of God and now you have a heavenly Father.

Isn’t it sad that a child would not know enough about their father to tell others about him?