Multiple Exposures

Looking Forward

Back in the old days we called it double or multiple exposure. You had to have a camera that would allow you to lock the film down and still allow you to cock the shutter for the next exposure. I used a Nikon FM (still have it

and use sometimes) and when I went to medium format I used a Mamiya 645 pro (still have it also and occasionally use it) and both cameras had this capability. With a little practice you could get pretty good at it and usually deliver  a good multiple image in most cases. Now with the digital images, we have photo shop masking. For me the biggest difference is with the masking I can see where the two images are overlapped and even adjust their placement and size. Couldn’t do that with the in camera multiple exposures. I had to remember where each image was in the viewfinder and then try to place the next image in the right place. Like I said, lots of practice and you usually got it good.

With the masking things are easier for me as far as placing the images but using the software comes just like most other things, practice, practice and then practice. Yesterday I got a little time to practice and came up with the image below. I did a photo shoot with this couple a few weeks ago and since  I am trying to learn the masking technique, I decided to see what I could do with a couple of their shots. It took some time but as the images started to blend, I ended up really liking the look that began to come through. And since I liked it, I thought I would share it here. The masking is going to take lots of practice but I am beginning to see how to use it and what it can do. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment if you would like to.