Saturday Morning

Just hanging out this morning waiting to see what the day brings. Lots of different emotions going through me as I remember 9-11 and ponder other things that are going on in this country. Like the job situation. It’s very sad to see what is happening to this country. We have just about given away all the jobs in the interest of being able to buy cheap things. Our political system seems to be on auto-destroy and the ones who could change it are too absorbed in their own luxuries to notice that it’s slipping away. Watching congress at work is like watching several children all running and screaming for attention. And the solution is always the same thing. One side wants to spend more and the other side wants to spend less. One wants to raise taxes and the other wants to lower them. One says they are for the poor and the other claims it is also. Seems like they both are only interested in making a name for themselves and blaming the other side when they fail. We have voted ourselves a good time until we have broke the bank. Tons of people are looking for work and there are only a few jobs to be found. But they still  gather and toss out old ideas and believe the answer is to throw more money at it while hoping the problem gets better. At least in the short term because that how it helps the politicians the most.

That got a little bit off my chest. Now that I have stepped down from my soapbox, it’s football time in Tennessee. GO VOLS! Looking forward to a great game today and hopefully see a big victory for the Vols. Then on to other things, most notably this weeks Sunday School lesson. It’s about studying and being able to identify false teachers and leaders. Often we are too willing to be led by someone who is not really who they are supposed to be. God provided his word to equip us to be able to identify and stay away from these false teachers. It’s up to us to read and study it so we won’t be deceived. I often wonder how God feels when we say we love Him, but we don’t study His word. It’s like my wife saying she loves me, but never really getting to know me. Doesn’t make sense. The scriptures are at times very hard to understand and it’s during those times that we need to seek and pray for the Holy Spirit to teach us and lead us to the truth. That is pleasing to God and beneficial for us.

That’s all I have on this Saturday morning. Going to get ready for the game. See ya later and have a great day.