Christmas Shopping 2011

Well, it’s almost Christmas and if you are like me, you have a ways to go before you are ready. I tried asking friends and family to postpone Christmas this year, but they didn’t want  no part of that. Then I suggested that maybe we could just exclude me. For some strange reason they didn’t like that either. So it looks like, ready or not, I will be having Christmas this weekend beginning Saturday and continuing through Sunday. I remember all the great plans I had back in June and July, just don’t know what went wrong. This was the year that I was going to be ready before anyone else got started. That was even one of my new years resolutions. No wait a minute, that was from a few years ago. Anyway, I wanted to be ready. Right now it does not look like I’m gonna make it and my wife says it because of a personality trait that I have called….procrastination. I think it’s more of a medical condition that I need treatment for, but she disagrees.

What happens is I make good plans, then get sidetracked. Probably because of my ADD which won’t let me keep focused on anything for very long. Like when I go downstairs to get the check book and then check my facebook and then go back upstairs without the check book. Then later, I realize that I need the check book and I’ll be in town and of course it’s at home. So whatever bill I was going to pay or whatever item I was going to buy gets put off because I don’t have the check book. Not because I wanted to put it off, but because I can’t stay focused. And then the other side of that is that I think of something and for some reason, my brain “thinks” I actually did the something I thought of. For instance, I’ll think of a bill that needs to be paid. Then I’ll get sidetracked and a few days later, my wife will ask if I paid the bill and I’ll say “Yes” when I didn’t. This isn’t lying, because my mind thinks it did. Then we find out, usually just in time to pay it before it’s late, and she’ll say I put it off. In reality, my mind is the culprit. So, it’s not really procrastination. I suffer from a disease that is so rare, it’s not been discovered yet. It can’t be “willful procrastination”. There must be some other thing happening  that is way beyond my control.

Now that I have made my case for the late preparations for Christmas, I must leave here and go shopping. (and I will as soon as I finish _________). I only have this evening and half of tomorrow to find this years presents. I know they are out there somewhere, I just need to find them. Have a great day and…………

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S ! ! ! !