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Higher Ground Sanctuary
I am still having problems believing that my android phone has a camera that takes photos like these. I have the Samsung Infuse and it does do a great job. Of course, the photo of the inside of the church was taken with an additional camera app that gives it that special effect. It’s called Camera360 and it has several effects that I really like. The shot of the outside of the church shown below was taken using the phones regular camera. No special effects were used on that shot. Still it’s a good looking shot just “straight from the camera.” So far, the camera hasn’t figured out a way to let me add all the wonderful glass that a big lens brings to the table, but having a camera that can do this hanging on my side is pretty cool. Another cool thing this phone does it post these pics to wordpress. Still blows my mind what we can do with a phone now days. I still remember as I was growing up that the only “mobile” phone we ever saw was the one that the phone company repairman used. And he had to climb a pole and hook it up before it worked. Have a great day and God bless.

Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen. Phillippians 4:9

Higher Ground Baptist Church

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  1. Hello,

    I am always amazed by the shots that can be captured with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I love the app called Camera 360 because there are so many tricks you can use with that application to take a picture.

    1. I started with a Kodak brownie way too many years ago. And a cell phone was unheard of then. Now to see a really good camera and a phone in one device just simply amazes me. But like I said, it’s really nice to have a camera that good with me all the time. I checked out some of your photos, you have some really good shots posted. Have a great day!

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