Android Camera Video

Still amazed at what I can do with the Samsung Infuse. Last Saturday, I attended a rally at our local high school of people who are beginning to rally together and call upon God through prayer to help deal with drugs, alcoholism, and other problems in our area. While I was listening, I thought someone needs to be making a video. So, I got out my phone and it was set for HD (if you can believe that) and started capturing video. I was trying to anticipate the speaker and looking for points to cut it off figuring I would later edit the clips and see what I could make of it. My video editing skills aren’t that great, but overall I was pleased with the outcome of this video.

While I don’t get the killer shots that come from the big glass lens that I use with the Nikon D300S, I am impressed that I could get a video of this quality with my phone. Still find that hard to believe for reasons I stated earlier. (See Post below) It’s just amazing what we have the ability to do today with our phones.