Finally Spring

It’s finally spring and I’m loving the weather now. For a while it was hot but now it’s cooled off and we are back to normal spring temperatures. Only thing is we should be heading into more summer like weather. Oh well, like they say around here, if you don’t like the weather just want a moment, it’s going to change.

Reflective Clouds

I was hanging out today at a friend’s car lot and standing next to a car with a rather large sun roof. The clouds made a good reflection on the sun roof and I got out my phone, took the shot, edited it in instagram and here’s the results. Didn’t have to crop it and the light pole in the shot was upside down, so I had to turn the photo over, but it worked out pretty good. Just goes to show you can “see” photos in lots of places. You just have to look.

Not much else been going on around here. Been shooting some photos when we get a chance but the last few months has been so busy we haven’t had time to do much. Hopefully we’ll get to change that soon. We’re waiting on the birth of Charli Jane, our grandaughter. I’m sure that’s going to slow things down some. (kidding 😀 )

Hope you are having a great June and I do hope to get back her soon to post some more pics and other stuff. So just hang on and we’ll be back soon.