March Is Almost Here?

I sat down this morning to update the old blog here and noticed that the date on the bottom of my screen is 2/27/2013. Somehow February is almost gone and March is almost here. The old saying that time flies is true. But during the winter I consider that a good thing. Getting to March has always been a big deal to me. I know that it will still be cold at times and we could still see some snow, but Jan-Feb are the coldest and darkest times of the year here in East Tennessee. By now the days are beginning to stretch some and have a little daylight at the start and end of each day. At times yesterday, there was actually a little warmth in the air. Spring is just around the corner and that’s a good thing.

Charli Jane


Here’s a couple of shots I took during the dreaded dark days of February of Charli Jane, my youngest granddaughter.  I don’t normally like to shoot outside during February because everything is pretty much brown. The trees are bare and there’s not much interesting going on. This time though due to time restraints, I had no choice but to get the outdoor shot. I used  a Nikon 80-200 at 2.8 to try and make Charli pop out of the photo. Then found a place where I was standing about four feet lower than she was. (That part was only necessary because of my old knees. It’s easier than getting down on the ground these days. 🙂 ) Anyway, I was pleased with the results. I love the 2.8 lens for shots like this. In fact, I use it quite a bit when photographing people. It does a great job of making the subject pop off the blurred background.  And it looks cool in your hand. That’s always a good thing.

So here’s to looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Hope you have a great day and if you have time, take some photos and leave some smiles. Know that Jesus loves you and He is all we really need. Later…….