Extremely Thankful…My Camera Works!

Today could have been one of the worst days of my life. But it wasn’t. First let me apologize to those of you who don’t love your cameras, this will seem sort of over the top silly. But for those who do love their camera it’ll make sense. I have shot with Nikon cameras for around 35 years. I got my first Nikon FM2 (which still works by the way) a long time ago. Then took some time off from shooting and when I came back, everything was going digital. My first Nikon digital was the D70-S (which still works by the way) and I still occasionally shoot with it.
About 4 years ago I purchased the Nikon D300S and absolutely love this camera. I would love to have one of the Nikon full frame cameras and if the Lord blesses me, someday I hope to be able to buy one. But right now I’m shooting and loving the D300s.

I’m one of those guys who takes his camera just about everywhere he goes. Not always in a camera bag though. Most of the time it’s just the camera with a 18-70 kit lens on it. Just like to have it around at all times. I use it to take photos of cars that we have for sale at Bens Auto Sales. I stop sometimes going to work or coming home and shoot a few photos. I just like having it with me. Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave the car lot, three things fell into place that almost caused me to have a disaster.

  • My daughter had come down to visit and she has Charli Jane, our one year old grandchild. She left her car with me and my wife picked her up and they came to our house.
  • I decided to drive one of the trucks we have for sale this weekend so instead of my regular truck
  • I correctly remembered that I needed to drive my daughters car home since my wife was going to Knoxville for continuing education seminar for her work.

So, it s time to leave and I put some of my stuff in the truck that I was going to drive home. Then I went back inside the office and got my camera. When I came back out, someone asked me a question and I laid the D300s in the bed of the pick up truck that I was driving home.  I do that sometimes and I get it out of the bed when I start to leave, which is usually a couple of minutes. I answered the question and then remembered that I  needed to drive my daughters car home because it had the child seat in it. So I got in her car and drove home, completely forgetting the camera laying in the bed of the pick up.  (I’m claiming I got sidetracked just so I don’t have to admit to getting old)  Anyway, about two hours later, I ride back to the car lot with my daughter to get the truck I was driving home in the first place. My daughter left to go to her home in another town and I jumped in the truck to come back home.

It had been a couple of hours since I laid the camera in the back of the truck, so I completely forgot it. My wife who hadn’t left yet was with me and she said she heard something sliding in the back of the truck but that didn’t ring a bell with me. We came home and soon after she left for Knoxville. Then this morning as I am leaving to go to church, I can’t find the camera. Looked for a while but gave up. Left for church and as I was leaving the subdivision, I heard something sliding in the back. So I stopped to take a look and there was my precious Nikon d300s. It had been outside in the back of that truck all night. And IT HAD BEEN RAINING! I don’t know how much it rained, but the streets were wet, the grass was wet, the truck was wet, the whole stinking world was wet. Even the D300s was wet. And cold. It was cold and wet. I was devastated to think that I could lose this wonderful camera. I wish now that I had taken a photo of it and how it looked sitting there in the truck covered with little tiny water drops all over it’s body. But all I could think of was getting it dried.

I stopped at a local fast food and got some napkins (and some breakfast) wiped off the camera and took out the cards, opened all the doors that I could and just generally dried it off as best as I could. The lens had water inside so I took it off and held it out the window as I drove to force air inside to help dry it out. I did that for about 20 minutes as I drove. I left it laying on the truck seat with the battery out, all the little doors open that I could, and prayed and hoped that it would not die.

After church (which was three hours later) I put the lens on, the battery in, and gave it a try. I know the Nikon D300s has rubber coating and is somewhat water proof, but the camera had spent the night in the back of  a pick up truck, been sliding around on the bed liner and then got rained on, but it started up, and so far so good. I took a few shots with it this afternoon and while they aren’t anything great, they are beautiful to me just because they are there.

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So I want to Thank God for watching over me and I thank Him for everything in my life. I’m grateful to Nikon and give them a big Thank YOU for making a camera that is not only takes great photos, it’s also built pretty good. Thanks Nikon for making a great product!

2 thoughts on “Extremely Thankful…My Camera Works!

  1. I know it’s a very sensitive time so I won’t make any Nikon remarks. So glad you came out okay on this one!

  2. So thankful..it proves that if it concerns us, it concerns HIM…in this case, a camera isn’t the most important thing in your life (your family is I know 🙂 ) BUT your camera is like your best friend next to Jesus, so, He made sure it was OK. You don’t make your camera priority over HIM either, you use it to glorify HIM.

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