A Little HDR

Old Well Pump House
After HDR

Here’s s shot that I got a few days ago of what I think is an old spring, well or pump house. It’s sitting below the main house and I remember people would build these to cover the springs or well pumps to protect them from the elements. We also used to take fresh milk down to the spring house at my grandfathers home and put the can in the spring water to cool it for drinking. Anyway, that’s another story to be told later. I used the same process here that I have used other times when I didn’t have the tripod handy. Get a shot that I like exposed the way I think I want it. Then go to Light Room and make copies over and under exposed. In this shot,  I made the under exposed 3 stops under to try to get the blacks really good. Then I over was not quite 3 stops because of the tin roof wanting to blow out. Then I took these three copies into Photomatix and finally did a little tweaking in photoshop and then back to LR.

I’m pleased with the effort except for the tin roof. It’s just not looking natural or something. Oh well, back to the drawing board or should I say the keyboard. I’ve posted the original below to compare the two.

Before HDR
Before HDR