August Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of a weekend trip to Murfreesboro, TN to attend the wedding of Derek and Bethany. Derek is my niece’s oldest son. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding and offered me a chance to get some really cool wedding shots. At least I think they are cool. The one below is another HDR that I made with the help of Lightroom 5. First, I took the original shot and adjusted it to my liking with color and contrast, exposure, etc…… Then I made virtual copies of the original and set one at 2 stops underexposed and the other at two stops overexposed. I exported these as jpg. This gave me my bracketed shots since I couldn’t get three bracketed shots during the kiss at the end of the ceremony. The next step was to take these three images into Photomatix and merge them into the one HDR image. It was here that I decided to make the image black and white. After playing with the settings in Photomatix I finally decided that I had the look I wanted. Saved this one as jpg also and then went to Photoshop Elements. In elements I simply made a copied layer and changed that layer to multiply. This made the layer very dark. Then I used the eraser to remove parts of that layer and reveal the orginial layer underneath. This gives me the darkened edges that I was looking for. The photo below is the result of all this. I really liked this version of this shot. Love the color one too but that’s another post in another time. Have a great day and make someone smile today.
Derek & Bethany's Wedding