Christmas Snacks

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and the wife and I went to her family’s Christmas celebration at her sister’s house. Theresa looks so forward to this day as her and her sister Gwen, get together and cook and spend time together in the kitchen. They both love to cook and they are both good cooks. This year for the food they decided to just do finger foods and a casual snacking day instead of the more traditional Christmas dinner. Somewhere around 10 am they fired up the stoves, ovens and all sorts of devices to make the goodies.

As everyone gathered in, they would sample some of the snacks and then visit for a while. Then they would slowly come by for another look to see what else had made it to the table. Not a bad way to do Christmas eve if you ask me. Later everyone gathered around the tree and the gifts were opened. The kids were now running on empty at high speed. Everyone was laid back and just enjoying the day and company.

That’s when I noticed the table set before me. Sure it was not set perfect as people had been eating and moving and all sorts of things had happened to the food after it was placed on the table. You know how it is as a photographer. We take great time and care to make sure that everything is placed just right and then when we have it all lined up, we push the shutter and “click” there’s our masterpiece. This was far from that type of shooting. But having a full belly and no place to lay down, I decided to take and few shots and to make it fun, First, I didn’t use a tripod. I just placed the camera on the table and let it see whatever it could see from that angle. I also didn’t use the view finder. I just pointed the camera where I thought it needed to be and I have the focus set to allow me to move the spot that I want to use to focus. So I adjusted it without looking also. After all, I am just having a little fun and not really seriously trying to get a good snack food shot. And here’s what happened……

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I will confess that these have been through LR for some slight processing. No cropping, and mostly highlight work because of the window in the background. And a couple of them I added a vignette to just to help out a little. Other than that though, these are pretty much the way they were shot.

If you are thinking “not bad but nothing great here” I agree. These won’t win any prizes for photography, but they were fun to do. And I was able to work the camera a little, practice some processing and even make this post just because of the photos and the fact that it was fun doing them. Isn’t that what loving photography is all about? Taking the camera and seeing if you can make an image even when there isn’t really one there. Hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and all the snack food you wanted.