Remodel UpDate

On July 9th I posted a photo of our kitchen as we were doing a remodel project. My wife has requested that I now post an updated photo since it now looks much more like a kitchen. In the other photo there was a lonely looking table with two chairs sitting in the middle of nothing. This I hope is much more inviting and comfortable looking.

In the other post I talked about how the kitchen was a project under construction. I compared us to that thought in our relationship with God as we are under construction and God is working to make us more like Jesus as we go through life. Now as I look at what we have been able to do I am very pleased with our new kitchen. It’s now wide open and has lots of cabinets and counter space. The new appliances help out a lot too. But it’s still not done. There’s more work to be done. If you look closely you’ll notice that we need to paint the walls and there’s some trim work to be done. But we are very happy with how it’s going.


I wonder if God ever stands back and takes a look at me and is happy with the progress made. Do I dare ask if He takes delight in the person I am becoming? I hope that He does and I pray that I will always be concerned with what God thinks about me. Not what I’ve done but who I’ve become. Even though I still have things that need to be spruced up and fixed, does God ever feel happy that I am one of His projects? I truly hope so and I believe that He does. One reason is the promise found in Philippians 1:6  “I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” In other words God don’t quit or give up. He keeps on working and working until it’s completed. That’s an awesome thought. When I asked for forgiveness through Jesus, God started a work that WILL be completed. I’ve noticed that when I get discouraged, tired or just plain (I hate to admit this) screw things up and do something horrible, that God always sends someone to encourage me. To lift me up, to help dust me off and get me back on track. His work will not be stopped until I have grown in grace and knowledge to the point that I choose and then do the things that bring glory and praise to God the Father through Jesus.


We now stand back and look at our work and we are pleased with what we see. The kitchen is just what we wanted and it brings us much joy as we gather with friends and family and enjoy this new addition to our home. My final thought in this connection between our remodel project and God’s remodel project with me is that one day I look forward to hearing Him say “well done my good and faithful servant. Your were faithful over a few things and now you may share my joy.” That will be one awesome time. How about you?