To God Be The Glory

Two years ago I was in the hospital and things were looking pretty bad for my earthly future. Somehow I had blood clots in both lungs and fluid around my heart.  I’m still taking medication to thin my blood to help prevent further blood clots because they call it an unprovoked attack. In other words they don’t know why I experienced this major event in my life. I can’t explain it either but according to the scriptures, Satan is roaming back and forth on the earth seeking what he may destroy.   (1 Peter 5:8} That sounds like an unprovoked attack. But God had other plans for me. I’ve already written an account of what happened and it’s on the page To God Be The Glory.  If you’ve read it, I hope you were blessed. If you haven’t read it, I’d like to invite you to do so now. I’m amazed and humbled at the power, faithfulness, and love that God displayed in and through me. I hope you are blessed by reading this page. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!