New phone New post

So yesterday I finally broke down and got a new phone.  I had the Samsung S4 and it had been a good phone for close to 5 years.  But it had served me well and it was time to move on.  I now have the Samsung 8 plus.  I’m only beginning to check out all the neat things that this phone can do. So consider this a test post just for me.

This morning I was just sitting on the back porch  letting my day get started and I shot a short video.  Now I’m using the WordPress app to post it.  Using the new phone. This seems to be easier on this phone than on the s4 probably due to the screen size and the rolled edges of the screen.  Who knows, I may even start posting more often.

Have a great day and know that Jesus loves you.  See ya later.


EDIT: So the video took about three or four minutes to upload on my wifi. Not too bad and all in all, it was pretty easy. I didn’t know that WordPress would convert the video before it could be played, so I learned something today and that’s always good. Who knows, may be more coming soon, so watch out.