Lazy days of summer

The last couple few days the weather has been really nice.  Temps in the mid 80s and humidity near 50% with a cool breeze to help keep you cool.  Makes me kind of wish every day could be like this. My granddaughter and her friend have been riding their bikes and pretending they are horses.  Here’s a pic of them tied to the tree in the front yard.

Modern Day Hitching Post

A little later after some serious riding and playing Charli decided to kick back and relax for a white.  In fact,  I asked her what she was doing and she simply replied ” I’m a relaxing kind of girl. ” How I wish I could go back and join her in the childhood era.  Now days it seems that life gets more complicated as I get older. The things I used to take for granted are no longer that easy to understand. But I remember the days of riding my horses and all the fun things we got into when we were kids. I’m encouraged that she has a good imagination and is using it during her play time. I have two vehicles parked next to the drive way and she informed me that those were my horses. One of the vans has a window that won’t roll up and as such, I have it coverd with plastic until I can get it repaired. Charli informed me that one of my “horses” had a pirates patch on one eye.  I have to admit I liked that comparison.

Just a Relaxing Kind of Girl!

These lazy days of summer will soon give way to fall and then winter. But somhow I think we will still be riding horses and relaxing around the home place. Thank you God for allowing me the pleasure of seeing grand children come along and getting to know them. I’ve learned that as I get older, it helps having a young one in your life to keep your steps young. And to keep your heart cheered up as life moves on. Have a great day and know that Jesus loves you!